A foresight study for a Swiss Mountain destination
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→ Qualitative user interviews
→ Expert interviews
→ Scenario building
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4 months

The exclusive alpine real estate company Andermatt Swiss Alps (ASA) is developing Andermatt into a first-class year-round destination. To stay ahead of the curve, stay customer-centric, and keep an eye on the future they approached Spark Works to conduct a Foresights Studies into the future of travelling to and living in the Alps.
Foresight research
Qualitative research
Trend mapping
Scenario building
Co-creation workshop

Foresight research

To clarify the direction, a Context Map allowed us to reframe the problem and prioritise eight dimensions of travelling to and partially living in Swiss mountain destinations by 2030. Building on the eight contexts we were able to provide even more perspective to the topic by mapping past, present and possible future events on a Janus Cone, which uncovered indirect influences on the act of travelling. Based on the Context Map and the Janus Cone we conducted the actual foresight research. We looked into trends and weak signals and additionally approached the work with a bottom-up approach, applying the STEEP-Methodology.

Qualitative research

At the same time as the foresight research our team conducted several user interviews with three respective user groups: the residents, the travellers, and citizens of Andermatt. Based on these qualitative interviews we were able to determine the future user of Andermatt Swiss Alps, a method that allowed us to anticipate the needs and problems of the different customers groups in 2030. In addition, we conversed with experts to confirm the trends that had appeared during our foresight research.


Within two full days we carried out the analysis, synthesising our findings and clustering the many insights gathered during our top-down and bottom-up Foresight Research. Simultaneously, we made sense of the user research and were able to distill it into five future personas, which we called protagonists this time.

Trend Mapping

In line with the STEEP-Methodology and the context map after the analysis, we were able to map trends along the future journey from pre-booking and orientation, to sports, activities and retail. Through this we blurred the lines between the different phases of travel towards mountain resorts. This mapping exercise allowed us and ASA to create a first opportunity for sense-making.

Scenario Building

As a result of the trend mapping, we could build scenarios that support our ability to empathise with and imagine the life of the protagonists in 2030. Through story telling we highlighted how a few of the key stakeholders for ASA live and interact with some of the identified future trends.

Co-creation Workshop

To ensure that the findings were rightly transferred to the relevant stakeholders within ASA, we presented the study and facilitated two co-creation workshops with a focus on identifying the most relevant trends for travelling and living in Andermatt in 5 to 10 years time. In particular, pinpointing what ASA should continue, stop, or start doing resulting in valuable discussions.

“There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our daily lives, travel behaviour, preferences and needs. To grasp these new challenges and meet our responsibilities beyond the current global crisis, we asked the Spark Works team to help us better understand the future. Their work is now our guide and map to proactively shape the future.”

Thomas Landis, Head of Corporate Development & Innovation, Andermatt Swiss Alps


Trends mapped


User interviews conducted


Expert interviews conducted


Future personas/
protagonists created


The foresight studies allowed us to craft a future picture of how Swiss Mountain Resorts will look in 2030. We identified the relevant trends that will disrupt the industry and will inspire the development of new services. The scenarios further bring these trends alive and provide us with the opportunity to already experience 2030 now.

Project Lead
Daniel Perschy
Senior Innovation Consultant
Daniel is academically trained in innovation management and business development and has previously gained industry experience within the banking and mining industry. He holds a MSc from Copenhagen Business School and a degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Innovation as a means of creative problem solving to benefit human, society and environment, requiring freedom, experimentability and diversity – this understanding is at heart when he collaborates with clients at Spark Works.
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