Designing for infection prevention
Public Services & NGOs
Culture & Skill Development
Innovation strategy
Applied Methods

→ Design sprint
→ Qualitative user interviews
→ Expert interviews
→ Co-creation workshop
→ Creative brainstorming
→ Rapid prototyping
→ User testing
→ Roadmapping

Digital tools

3 months

Prevention of infections and antibiotic resistance is crucial for the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ). Its research team constantly updates best practices to ensure prevention is carried out at every step of the patient journey, still infection rates could be lower. How can all USZ healthcare workers know what to do to prevent infections, and antibiotic resistance?
Co-creation Workshop
Design Sprints
Strategy Development

"It was impressive to observe how many results have been achieved in only few months: after the training session, USZ employees were able to co-facilitate a 3-day workshop and generate solutions together with their colleagues, that will be tested in the real hospital setting by end of the year."

Alice Repetti, Business Consultant at Spark Works


Employees fully trained


Ideas generated


Prototypes created and tested


Solutions selected


After training four USZ employees on Design Thinking (DT) facilitation, they were enabled to co-design and facilitate three agile workshops with participants from across the hospital to tackle the challenge. With our supervision, the USZ prototyped and tested two distinct solutions, and built internal innovation capabilities through employees’ empowerment.

Project Lead
Alice Repetti
Former Business Consultant
As a former visiting MBA student at the George Washington University, business consultant at Spark Works and lecturer at the ETHZ, Alice leads strategic projects focusing on promoting design-led innovation processes within large corporate settings. She has experience in designing research projects and facilitating training programs using collaborative and agile techniques. Her ambition is to explore how technology, innovation and design can be integrated into impactful user-focused strategies.