Designing the first ever Baloise Mobility Accelerator, a 10-week start-up programme
Banking, Insurance & Real Estate
Innovation strategy
Applied Methods

→ Strategy development
→ Skill training
→ Co-creation workshop
→ Ecosystem development
→ Business coaching
→ Rapid prototyping

Digital tools

7 months (remote)

Baloise wanted to grow the brand image of its mobility unit (Baloise Mobility), alongside testing a start-up programme to fill its innovation funnel with new opportunities. With these objectives in mind, we worked with Baloise Mobility to help them create their first ever accelerator programme.
Startup identification
Programme management
Strategy development


During the first exercise, an alignment workshop, we worked closely with the mobility unit at Baloise to determine the right target audience, focus and objective of the accelerator programme. Hereafter, a detailed, but agile roadmap was designed.

Startup identification

Based on the pre-defined criteria and focus area, we went into 4 weeks of startup scouting and identification. This was achieved by manually scanning different investment platforms like Crunchbase, partnering with known startup ecosystem players and media outlets, and by directly sourcing startups via LinkedIn, Mobility focused startup hubs, accelerators and more. 


Due to the agile nature of the programme (a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic), the selection process had to be adapted on the spot. Accordingly, we ensured, together with the Baloise project lead, that the selection criteria was in line with the strategy and opportunities the Baloise mobility unit had in mind. At the same time, we made sure the selection process was valuable and constructive for the startups by including a concise interview and the opportunity to receive feedback afterwards.

Programme management

The programme was streamlined with one goal in mind; provide a programme that is tailored towards the startups and offers as much value as possible to help them grow, learn and ultimately become a part of the Baloise Mobility Ecosystem. Accordingly, the different aspects within the programme like the Inspirational Breakfasts, Expert Connections, Spark Works coaching and Sparkademy programme all contributed to this goal.


As part of the programme, we aimed to provide each of the 10 startups with coaching grounded in our human-centred design approach. In other words, we ensured that the different mobility startups, no matter their startup stage, approached their solution again from the customer perspective. The coaching, in combination with Sparkademy learning modules, trained the founders in areas from User Discovery and Need Finding, to Problem Solving, Idea Evaluation, Prototyping, Testing and Leadership.

Strategy development

After 10 weeks of intense programme management and training, we were able to support Baloise further in the final presentation of the programme. The DEMO Day, which we moderated, took the form of ½ day remote pitches and a Q&A together with the 10 startups, the mobility unit, Baloise Mobility Portfolio startups, the coaches and other internal stakeholders. Based on our continuous interaction with each of the founders we were able to advise and provide Baloise Mobility with the foundation for identifying the right partners. 

“As a young startup we’re fortunate and happy to be part of an accelerator programme managed by a highly professional and engaged team. Hands-on 1:1 coaching, great learning content and well organised valuable insights. In a short timespan we’re already equipped with knowledge to get us traction. Thank you Spark Works.”

Tsering Selang, Co-Founder RIBE Moto


Through close collaboration with the project lead at Baloise, Sparkademy and the Spark Works coaches we were able to design a programme that provided the highest value to the mobility startups. As a result, we were able to grow the overall Baloise Mobility brand, test a new startup format and continue to evolve the mobility ecosystem through new partnerships.

Project Lead
Jiske van Straaten
Business Associate
Jiske has a background in Communication, Creative Business Management and Strategic Design. With a heart for creativity, arts and design she additionally developed a passion for (impact) innovation by connecting and working closely with social startup ecosystems across the world. In her current position as business associate she support clients with their innovation challenges on a daily basis. Always making sure to continue to learn and share the innovation mindset inherent to Spark Works.
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