Developing use cases for Blockchain technology
Media & Entertainment
Innovation strategy
Applied Methods

→ User journeys
→ Creative brainstorming
→ Scenario building
→ Roadmapping

Digital tools

2 day workshop

Ringier, alongside the rest of the media industry, are facing many challenges from difficulties to track and monetise content to novel forms of disruption raised by technology giants; could Blockchain, a revolutionary technology that enables transparency, collaboration, and security, create value-adding solutions to such challenges?
Set the stage
Trend mapping
Scenario building

Set the stage

We started the workshop with an introduction to Design Thinking: leveraging our deep knowledge and practical experience, we illustrated how this method can help solve complex problems. Our Blockchain expert partners (B2Lab of the ETHZ and BOTLabs CEO) offered additional insights into Blockchain technology; its benefits, limits and applications.

Trend mapping

After the initial briefing, we split the group in to four teams, who were
then guided through interactive exercises to identify and map out current challenges of the media industry. Tools such as customer journey and stakeholder mapping helped the teams to understand how trends in media and technology affect the company and business environment.

Scenario building

After carefully selecting pain points, we supported the teams in finding novel applications for Blockchain that could address the identified challenges. Through applying different brainstorming and feedback techniques, we iteratively developed concepts, integrated insights
from experts, defined next steps, allocated responsibilities, and
analysed potential roadblocks.


After narrowing in on a specific project idea, each of the four groups developed a specific roadmap and next steps. These mainly involved concrete plans for validation, prototyping and testing. Some groups went further and even planned to pitch or utilise their idea in case of successful testing.

"With tangible results, and an insight into innovation methodologies, the internal teams at Ringier are now set to deeply explore Blockchain in the media industry."

Linda Armbruster, Managing Partner, Spark Works


After a two day workshop, four interdisciplinary (client) teams had sketched out four use cases for the application of Blockchain, including business models and action plans for the future. Having been introduced to the Design Thinking methodology they will follow a roadmap of their own choosing towards an MVP and even pitching their venture to interested parties. 

Project Lead
Linda Armbruster
Director Collaborative Innovation
Linda holds an M.A. in Strategic Design from the design akademie berlin. As a trained Design Thinker from the Potsdam and Stanford, co-founder of Spark Works and lecturer at the ETHZ, she builds and leads research and training programs in the private and public sector, blending methods grounded in Human-Centred Design to inform and inspire insight-driven innovation.
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