Determining the future of mobility
Banking, Insurance & Real Estate
Insights & Concepts
Innovation strategy
Applied Methods

→ Future foresight based on STEEP methodology
→ Extreme user interviews
→ Expert interviews
→ Scenario building

Digital tools

5 months

Part of Baloise’s current business is based on traditional car insurance sales. Yet with the firm’s boundaries opening up and successful services increasingly relying on features provided by different companies, Baloise needed to know which areas are likely to dominate the future of mobility and who its potential partners might be.
Foresight research
Trend mapping
Scenario building
Scenario testing

Foresight research

Over a period of three months, our team of researchers investigated and documented how societal, technological, economic, environmental and political trends will impact the future of mobility.

Trend mapping

We used an impact and likelihood matrix to understand how each trend was related. We ranked each trend in order to understand the potential breadth of their effects.

Scenario building

Using our trend research and mapping, we designed four scenarios and accompanying characters based on each trend. These scenarios help us understand how our customer might live, move and act within a specific trend area.

Scenario testing

We invited leading European scientists and industry experts for a roundtable discussion to challenge and validate our scenarios. Each scenario is then refined accordingly to their feedback.

"Spark Works supported us in tackling a challenge we could not solve ourselves for years. They researched and composed a trend radar and future scenarios with topics relevant for Baloise. These tools help us now in our day-to-day decision-making and help us navigate strategic projects."

Patrick Wirth, Director Investment and Innovation, Group Strategy and Digital Transformation at Baloise Insurance


expert interviews


in-depth user interviews


sources researched


events visited


We created a trend radar with sixty-five trend analyses and four future scenarios to help Baloise understand how people will move in 2040. Using these trends, Baloise will be able to to gauge future areas of opportunity, build future-focused customer services, forge strategic partnerships and improve their investment portfolio decisions.
Download "The Future of Mobility" report

Project Lead
Daniel Perschy
Senior Innovation Consultant
Daniel is academically trained in innovation management and business development and has previously gained industry experience within the banking and mining industry. He holds a MSc from Copenhagen Business School and a degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Innovation as a means of creative problem solving to benefit human, society and environment, requiring freedom, experimentability and diversity – this understanding is at heart when he collaborates with clients at Spark Works.
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