Splitsurance innovation in insurance
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Insights & Concepts
Prototyping & Testing
Applied Methods

→ Qualitative user interviews
→ Competitor analysis
→ Service testing
→ Best practice research
→ Unpacking frameworks
→ Creative brainstorming
→ Rapid prototyping
→ User testing
→ Design sprint

Digital tools

2 day hackathon
5 day design sprint

Many argue that clients of insurance companies are ageing and less prone to churn. With this in mind, Allianz was eager to find new solutions for its service offerings to attract a younger audience, who is often skeptical towards insurance solutions.
Set the stage
Design sprint

Set the stage

Allianz had established that there was a need to create new innovative solutions for the next generation of insurance customers. As the number of shared flats coming on to the market is increasing year on year as living habits continue to change and evolve, it made sense to explore ideas that could provide insurance options for flat sharing.


Working with the Allianz team, we coached fifty cross-functional staff to explore eight diverse concepts as part of a two-day Design Thinking workshop (hackathon), then taking the best idea forward to the next step, a design sprint. During the workshop, participants got to go along the Design Thinking process from interviewing users, ideating to prototyping and presenting their concept to the board (in a mock style pitch).

Design sprint

Following the hackathon, we then organised a five-day design sprint for the Allianz team, based on the winning idea. During the sprint we supported the participants to create a detailed outline of the new service offering, from which prototypes were built. From here the prototypes were brought to be tested with real users and were refined in an iterative process.


Staff were coached


Diverse concepts were explored


Validated concept launched


With our guidance and coaching Allianz’s internal staff were able to validate and pitch the chosen concept during the design sprint - including drafting the recommended business model and successfully prototyping the new service offering. Six months later the client launched a highly acclaimed minimum viable product on to the Swiss market.

Project Lead
Linda Armbruster
Director Collaborative Innovation
Linda holds an M.A. in Strategic Design from the design akademie berlin. As a trained Design Thinker from the Potsdam and Stanford d.school, co-founder of Spark Works and lecturer at the ETHZ, she builds and leads research and training programs in the private and public sector, blending methods grounded in Human-Centred Design to inform and inspire insight-driven innovation.
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