Innovation Map
Zürich 2020

Zürich is known for many things, but innovation is not high on the list. Nevertheless, few cities in the world offer such a fertile ground for innovation as Zürich.
World leading universities, top companies from across industries, a thriving startup ecosystem and a highly diverse and multilingual society. We believe Zürich to be perfectly positioned as the world's leading innovation city. But what makes Zürich special, in terms of innovation, from any other city? This map features some of the organisations that spark innovation across, or at the intersection of design, technology and business. We hope this inspires you to drive innovation forward in your own endeavors.

Innovation is often found at the intersection of human needs, technical advancements and novel business models. We therefore searched for organisations in these areas, each adding their own unique value to the city’s innovation ecosystem. It is a list that includes some of the famous research centres, startup collaborators, forward looking businesses, creative public places, and key educational institutions that are both internationally and locally known. The content of this map is thus based on two guiding questions:
1) Does this organisation make Zürich unique or special and 2) does this organisation enable innovation?
This resulted in a visual representation based on input from both our own research and trusted referrals.
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