Service design innovation
Service design innovation
Have you already started to look at the holistic picture?
Only your users experience your services and interfaces as a whole and are able to identify missing parts. Service Design is about taking a radical user perspective. This way you can guarantee that all pieces build up to a consistent and seamless experience.

For us, services are living journeys. They come alive when humans interact, processes run and the ecosystem connects.

Service Design Innovation is the careful co-creation of new end-to-end journeys. It also includes rethinking existing ones. Crafting them requires thinking holistically and placing humans at the center. This means, to orchestrate many cross-channel interactions to deliver an integrated experience.

Following such process usually has many implications for your organisation. New end-to-end journeys are obvious. But, sometimes a joyful experience requires adjusted structures, processes, or even physical objects.

When we transform a service, we transform moments in your user's life.
When a user buys a product or consumes a service, they hire it to get a job done. For the user is not about the features of your product, but rather the experiences they enable.

Let’s say you are a drill manufacturer, and you plan to improve your existing products. Taking a product perspective will in the best case result in a better quarter inch drill. On the opposite, looking at the «jobs» your drills carry out opens up a universe of opportunities. You will for example discover that your customers are drilling a hole to hang up a picture. This change of perspective sparks your innovation processes and many new opportunities will pop up. As a result, you might come up with a new strong tape or even adhesive hooks.

Customer insights for Service Design

Together we will understand the jobs of your products or services. We will focus on the distinct jobs and especially on the segments for which a good solution does not exist yet. That way we spotlight your options for growth and innovation.


  • Customer insights for your product or service innovation. First, we uncover and understand the jobs of your product or service. Then, we focus on the right set of experiences required for purchasing and using it.
  • Integration of the jobs into your operational environment and processes.

Co-Creating end-to-end journeys

When we co-create end-to-end journeys, we innovate based on customer expectations. We break down silo-thinking and create business value. We help you see the big picture and understand your offer on a deeper level. We envision new customer experiences by creating and also testing end-to-end journeys.


  • Co-developed services and experiences based on customer insights.
  • Co-developed end-to-end experience strategies.
  • System integration and linking existing sub-services into holistic journeys.

End-to-end journey transformation

Together we understand and evaluate your customer experiences. We identify gaps, fix and re-shape journeys based on a holistic service overview.


  • Evaluation of services and experiences based on customer insights and business needs.
  • Transformation of existing pain points into satisfying and new journeys/experiences.
  • Fixing of processes, gaps or broken touch-points and co-creation of new ones.

Digitalise services

Digital transformation of services requires a shift in customer behaviour. It is important to see not only the technology, but the impact those technologies have on the users. We help and support you in your digital transformation journey.


  • Co-creation of future ready services for the digital world of tomorrow.
  • Translation of digital transformation risks into business opportunities.
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