Training in Human-Centred Innovation
Design Thinking Trainings
Aiming at introducing a more innovative, customer-centred mindset in your company?
No worries, we can help. We make sure that your organisation gets the skills, tools and mindset necessary to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our hands-on Design Thinking trainings are building on our core principles:
Empathy (radical user-centricity)
A radically user-centred approach to get to know your users and their context. Uncover unmet needs and get in touch with the people that matter to get feedback on your solutions.
Collaboration (multidisciplinary teams)
Multidisciplinary teams with different cultural and professional backgrounds to bring different perspectives and experiences to the table. Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation.
Agility (rapid, iterative, low-cost)
Make progress through experimentation. Fast, cheap and iterative development and constant interaction with your users lead to success.
The right training for your needs. Always hands-on, always with impact.

2 days

Design Thinking Bootcamp

In this hands-on two-day training, you and your team go through a full cycle of the Design Thinking process to:

  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of the DT process, principles, key tools and terminology.
  • Through fast and interactive exercises, experience a human-centred problem-solving approach based on customer needs and not only technical or economical requirements.
  • Practice and manage multi-disciplinary collaboration and learn how to communicate effectively with professionals from various backgrounds. 

6 days

Design Thinking Deep Dive

In the extended in-depth 6-day training, you and your team experience a full Design Thinking process while working on an actual challenge from within your company. This process provides the following benefits:

  • Gain in-depth understanding of the DT process, tools and mindset with a “learning-by-doing” approach based on a relevant company challenge.
  • Generate both validated learnings and a concrete outcome/solution for your challenge.
  • Foster reflection on how to transfer the tools and mindset of Design Thinking to your daily business to make your company more innovative in the long run.

3 days

Facilitator Training

This training specifically tailored to the needs of (future) Design Thinking practitioners, coaches and facilitators combines theoretical inputs and the opportunity to apply the gathered knowledge in a real-world context:

  • Combine a two-day methods and moderation training with a focus on facilitation techniques and team dynamics with a 1-day Design Thinking workshop where the participants apply the gathered knowledge by leading a team through the DT process.
  • Get in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a DT facilitator.
  • Discuss, reflect and learn from experienced professionals and profit from facilitation tips and tricks based on real experiences.

X days

Customised Training

Do you have more specific needs? Do you want to upskill your organisation in the long term? Do you aim to sustainably embed an innovative mindset in your company with a long term partnership?

Come by for a coffee and based on our extensive experience, we co-create a process that fits you and your company’s needs and helps you to achieve your strategic goals.  

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