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Five years of Spark Works means plenty of great clients and projects. We look back at some of our use cases and the innovative work we’ve done!

Designing a new insurance model through a mobile customer engagement experience in the motorcycle market

Client: Baloise and KTM
Banking, insurance & real estate
Summary: Shaping the future of mobility, KTM, the biggest European motorcycle manufacturer, and Baloise collaborated to develop a new digital channel to offer KTM customers a more affordable, better integrated and more delightful customer and insurance experience. Learn more

Reinventing the parent letter for the 21st century

Client: Pro Juventute
Industry: Public services & NGO
Summary: Redefining this Swiss NGOs traditional letter, that parents receive upon the birth of a child, into a digital format for the modern age and family. Learn more

Splitsurance – Innovation in Insurance

Client: Allianz
Industry: Banking, insurance & real estate
Summary: Enabling an international financial services provider to disrupt the insurance market with the launch of a modern, flexible insurance product for young people who live in shared accommodation in Switzerland.

Unlocking business value with Blockchain

Client: IBM
Industry: Manufacturing & technologies
Summary: Hosting a creative session for top innovation managers from 13 industries to explore new ways to leverage Blockchain to their business’ advantage in the fields of medtech, energy, rail, construction, retail, education, media and aviation. Learn more

Understanding on-the-go Brezelkönig customers

Client: Bretzelkönig
Industry: Retail & consumer goods
Summary: Investigating the underlying needs and habits 
of Brezelkönig’s on-the-go customers through qualitative research to gain an understanding if new digital channels, such as a pre-ordering app, could meet the diverse needs of their users.

Training the top 1000 executives

Client: Siemens
Industry: Manufacturing & technologies
Summary: Ensuring consistent training for an (internal) company worldwide leadership team through the design & introduction of agile exercises to reinforce Value Stream Mapping & 'Jobs To Be Done’ methodologies. Learn more

Designing for infection prevention

Client: University Hospital of Zurich / Public Health
Industry: Public services & NGO
Summary: Applying Design Thinking to find innovative solutions for infection prevention at the University Hospital of Zurich, we co-developed long-term in-house Human-Centred Design capabilities through agile facilitation training and innovation road mapping. Learn more

Knowledge transfer and international collaboration

Client: Innosuisse
Industry: Public services & NGO
Summary: Incorporating methodological expertise, we challenged and co-designed a new knowledge transfer and international collaboration concept with the ultimate goal of bringing together representatives of Academia and Economy for innovative ideas. Learn more

Tapping in to a new market

Client: Swiss Re
Industry: Banking, insurance & real estate
Summary: Working with Swiss Re we helped them to explore the potential of the impaired lives market segment, while gaining a 360° view on the needs and requirements of the main stakeholders involved in the journey.

Digital transformation for higher education

Industry: Education & culture
Summary: Using Design Thinking and a bottom-up approach we enabled the Life Sciences and Facility Management department of ZHAW to respond to the challenges of digital transformation. Creating a community
 of change agents through design research and co-creation processes. Learn more

Redesigning the IATA recruitment journey

Client: IATA
Industry: Energy & mobility
Summary: Supporting IATA, a large international aviation organisation to rethink the way top talent is attracted and selected within the HR department’s recruitment process. Learn more

Roshani Anna Amin
Junior Marketeer
After graduating with a degree from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Rosh moved to Munich to help build the marketing team for tech unicorn, Snowflake. After discovering her passion for start-ups, she has since made it her mission to work with the “movers and shakers” across various industries helping them to better tell their story and shape their brand. Rosh is driving Spark Works' story and helping more people to engage with our brand with out of the box ideas.
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