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Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted media is a new-media platform for Europe’s innovators and entrepreneurs. With Headquarters in London and a network of journalists across Europe, Sifted’s mission is to tell untold stories in engaging new ways and give a voice to the European start-up entrepreneur community.

Innovation editor John Thornhill leads a team of journalists with various media backgrounds including FT,Courier, Di Digital, Al Jazeera and Forbes. Their goal is to explore and showcase companies in emerging areas of technology such as blockchain, biotech, fintech and factories of the future.

We are proud to be part of it

The Sifted guide to innovation consultancies’ was launched in December 2019. It features the top innovation consultancies worldwide and their expertise. It also gives you an insight on who’s been snapped up by who.

We are extremely excited to be presented as one of the independent leaders in their top list.

"We help a wide range of industries innovate and strive to advance society through empathy. Thanks to our connection to Spark Labs at ETHZ and EPFL, we learn of the latest insights from world leading professors and researchers. We combine innovation expertise from various industries and academia. We actively build on each other’s knowledge and bring forward solutions best suited to our clients’ innovation needs."

The role of today's Innovation Consultancies

Innovation consultancies aim to help companies building new mindsets that are able to nourish a cultural shift and promote growth. Bringing new technologies and innovative frameworks into large corporations will most likely keep them alive in the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of today.

Services might include a set of possible options, depending on the needs and requirements of each client. They range from co-creating innovation strategies and governance models, designing new business model, performing qualitative user research studies that explore current and future customer needs, as well as prototyping and testing new products or services. Consultancies can also train top management and employees in different methodologies that can be applied for sustainable growth and build in-house innovation capabilities.

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