Spark year 2020
our yearly review
Looking back at 2020 – a year full of adventures!

Spark Space becomes our new home in the heart of Zurich
More than 2'000 coffees made with our fancy machine
Hosting countless physical, virtual and hybrid meetings and workshops
Rocket elevator to remind everyone that the sky is the limit
Keeping up with the latest tech with a Bitcoin ATM, 3D printer and more

Come over to say hi and get inspired!
Spark Space
Spark Works' Innovation Map 2020 highlighting the innovation enablers in Zürich
Zürich is known for many things, but innovation is not high on the list. Nevertheless, few cities in the world offer such a fertile ground for innovation as Zürich. World leading universities, top companies from across industries, a thriving startup ecosystem and a highly diverse and multilingual society. We believe Zürich to be perfectly positioned as the world's leading innovation city.
This map features some of the organisations that spark innovation across, or at the intersection of design, technology and business.
Download the map
Lost clients, budgets and team members for the first time
Partnering with Bitfroge to prototype and test a solution to report damages at schools: Fix it!
Our Futures Thinking Canvas helps to prepare for the un-thinkable Futures
We live in a world where change shapes everything around us. At the same time, we are globally witnessing the impact of a pandemic.
A year ago most of us would have never imagined a Future where a pandemic was forming our lives, businesses and regulations. However, this scenario soon became a tangible reality for all of us. This idea of an unthinkable scenario taking place made us rethink our own perception of the Future.
download the Canvas
Our Sparkies grow individually, as well as within the team
In July we welcomed Florian, an expert in creativity, innovation and learning in the context of spatial design, as a new Partner to the Spark Team.
Our Managing Partner Linda completes her leadership diploma at Saïd Business School in Oxford (virtually of course!).
Lilian, our star designer, started an MBA at Central Saint Martins and Birkbeck, that places creative approaches and social engagement at the heart of future leadership.
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