Developing a motorcycle insurance model through a customer experience
Banking, Insurance & Real Estate
Insights & Concepts
Prototyping & Testing
Applied Methods

→ Qualitative user interviews
→ Expert interviews
→ Archetypes
→ User journeys
→ Wireframing
→ User testing
→ Co-creation workshop
→ Creative brainstorming

Digital tools

4 months

To shape the future of mobility KTM, the biggest European motorcycle manufacturer, and the insurer Baloise are collaborating to develop a new digital channel to offer KTM customers a more affordable, better integrated and more delightful customer and insurance experience.
Qualitative research
Co-creation workshop
User testing

Qualitative research

In order to better understand underlying customer needs, pain points and behaviour, we visited various KTM agencies and conducted 40+ qualitative interviews with motorcyclists in Austria and Germany.


Based on the gathered data, we conducted an in-depth analysis to draw insights and identify emerging patterns that would help shaping the design of the digital solution. A core part of the analysis was the development of different motorcyclist archetypes, all with different behaviours and needs in regard to anew digital insurance offering.


Building on the archetypes, various concrete solutions were brainstormed, evaluated and selected. The collection of promising elements of a digital solution for the various archetypes provided the input for the co-creation workshop.

Co-creation workshop

Together with our clients, we further evaluated and refined selected elements from the ideation phase to put together a comprehensive concept addressing the most fundamental needs identified in the user research.


Taking the results of the co-creation workshop as a blueprint, we developed various versions of a wireframe-based prototype. Throughout the multiple iterations, a close collaboration with the client made sure that essential feedback was integrated and alignment between the different parties achieved.

User testing

To validate the proposed digital solution, we conducted more than 20 user tests with representatives of the different archetypes identified in the user research. Based on the valuable feedback of potential customers, we were able to adapt the prototype on the go, eliminating unnecessary features and adding new elements proposed by our users.


user interviews conducted


wireframes created


of user testing


Through an in-depth Design Thinking-based process, we were able to develop a validated prototype of a digital solution to both provide a novel insurance model as well as enhancing the user experience of motorcyclists. Besides this concrete outcome, a lot of assumptions regarding needs and behaviours of motor cyclists and the potential and barriers to novel digital insurance models have been validated or invalidated, bringing forth long-term benefits to all involved parties.

Project Lead
Michael Augsburger
Senior Innovation Consultant
Michael has a background in Environmental Sciences. His research focuses on the use of human-centred innovation processes for policy design. Believing in the benefits of interdisciplinary work, he has experience in coaching student teams to develop and push forward their own innovation projects. At Spark Works, he supports our team in the execution of agile work sessions with our clients through workshop facilitation.
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