Future of work assessment
Future of Work Assessment
Feeling overwhelmed by the new ways of working?
Totally understandable – you need to address not only one, but several topics within all organisational domains: people, processes and places. With our Future of Work Assessment we make sure you ask the key questions and define the right measures.

Which mindset does your future way of working require? How do you involve your employees in this transformation journey?
Which skills and competences do you need in the future? Is your management up to the task of remote leadership?
Which processes do you need to redefine? Is your organisational structure still adequate?
Which part of the communication and collaboration happens online and which part benefits from face-to-face interaction?
What kind of office space do you need in the future? How many square meters and where?
How do you ensure that your employees feel engaged and can identify themselves with the organisation?
A brief, but intense journey to innovate your future way of working.
Backed with quantitative and qualitative research from within your organisation, we discuss the current transformation of work with your leadership team. From this we define a clear vision and define a roadmap with prioritised activities.
Kick-Off Meeting

Set the focus of the Future of Work Assessment, align on the process and define resources, during a half-day meeting.
→ Client Resources: Steering team of decision makers from (at least) HR, IT and Facility Management
→ Outcome: Timeline and roadmap for the following (three) weeks

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

Collect insights through a short survey with the workforce and in-depth personal interviews with selected employees representing their colleagues.
→ Client Resources: 20 min per employee to complete a survey, 5-8 interviews of about 60 minutes
→ Outcome:
Quantifiable feedback from the workforce in-depth insights from across the workforce


Unpack, analyse and synthesise of data as well as findings to identify opportunity areas.
→ Client Resources: None (done by Spark Works)
→ Outcome:
Unpacked insights and key topics to be discussed in more detail


Formulate the vision for the future way of working and define a roadmap with prioritised activities.
→ Client Resources: Steering team and representatives from the workforce
→ Outcome:
Vision with a call to action


Present the most insightful findings and key opportunity areas for your organisation.
→ Client Resources: Steering Team
→ Outcome:
Defined opportunity areas and validated roadmap

Turning challenges into opportunities with Human-Centered Design
The Future of Work Assessment can generate various tangible results and intangible social effects that encourage an innovative culture within an organisation.
We aim specifically to achieve the following goals:
  • Profound understanding of the consequences of the current transformation of work
  • Clear vision of your future way of working
  • Validated roadmap with prioritised activities
Everything from organising a leadership training through setting up a new collaboration platform to redesigning your office is possible!
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